Alaska Radio Control Society


Until further notice, JBER RC Field is closed due to elevated security condition FPCON Bravo. ARCS will send out a notification when the field re-opens for use.

JBER (Elmendorf) Field

Field Data

  • Hours of Operation: 7AM - 11PM
  • Paved Runway: 600' long x 50' wide
  • Facilities: Starting benches, windsock, porta-potty
  • Latitude: +61° 15' 45"
  • Longitude: -149° 45' 49"
  • Elevation: 240 ft. MSL
  • Google Map

Field Rules (in addition to ARCS general field rules)
Call Elmendorf Base Operations @ 552-2107 BEFORE flying with the following information:
  • Tell them you are with the Alaska Radio Control Society.
  • Give them your name and cell phone number.
  • Inform them how long you plan to be flying.
Additional rules
  • No flying higher than 300 feet above ground level.
  • Don't fly over the west end of the field when a vehicle or train is traversing that side.
  • Give right of way to full scale aircraft immediately. It is everyone's responsibility to be on the lookout for full scale aircraft in the area. Inform the other members by calling "full scale" when any full scale aircraft is spotted near the field. If flying, drop below 100 feet, land or practice touch and go's until the area is clear. If you believe a violation has occurred, inform one of the club officers as soon as possible. If Security Patrol is dispatched, get the officers name and comply with their instructions.
  • No camping allowed.

Driving Directions

  1. Go in Boniface gate, drive 0.65 miles and turn right at second traffic light (Vandenberg Ave).
  2. Drive 0.9 miles and turn right on Davis Hwy.
  3. Drive 1 mile and turn left on 27th Ave.
  4. Go to end of 27th Ave and turn left on the gravel road.
  5. Follow the gravel road all the way to the RC Field.
  6. YouTube video of the drive to the field.

Base Access for ARCS Members

  1. Base Access card required for all ARCS members that do not already have alternate access.
  2. For instructions on obtaining a base access card, contact
  3. Access is for security conditions NORMAL and ALPHA. No access if BRAVO or higher.
  4. Access is limited to transit to the flying field only. Carefully avoid any restricted or other areas.