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Who we are and how we contribute to the communities where we fly.

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AMA Charter Club #1998

The Alaska Radio Control Society (ARCS) was established in 1957 and is the oldest Radio Control model club in Alaska. We currently have members in Anchorage, Mat-Su valley, Fairbanks, and other communities. All flight operations at our fields are conducted in accordance with both the national Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) safety code and our own local field rules (including our sound abatement policy). As a result, all our flight operations and fields are covered by liability insurance through the AMA.

Model aviation is a great springboard to get kids of all ages interested in math, science, physics, aerodynamics, electronics, engineering and all sorts of related technical disciplines. In addition, an interest in model aviation as children has led many people to enter either general or commercial aviation as adults and as any Alaskan knows, growing these future pilots is crucial to Alaska's development and way of life.

Because we believe very strongly in the importance of Aviation in Alaska, ARCS takes an active role in aerospace and science education within the community whenever the opportunity arises. ARCS members regularly are asked to make presentations in schools on aerodynamics and flight controls as well as conduct flight demonstrations. We have also been very active in the Science Olympiad program in the schools by providing coaches, judges and helpers for over 10 years. Members of our club have consistently coached Teeland Middle School students to top performances at the National Science Olympiad competitions over the years. In addition, we also offer free R/C flight instruction during the summer to help people get off to a good, safe start in our sport.

ARCS is also committed to being a good neighbor at all of our flying sites. Our club's sound abatement policy keeps flight operations at our fields in full compliance with applicable codes. Beyond just complying with local codes, if there are other reasonable steps we can take to be a better neighbor at any of our field sites then we will take them.

In summary, ARCS has been a strong, positive influence in the communities where we fly for over 50 years and we are committed to continuing that proud tradition. If model aviation is something you would like to learn more about, we would love help you get off to a good start in our sport!