Alaska Radio Control Society

Field Rules and Etiquette

The following rules apply to any ARCS member or guest present at an ARCS flying site. Some sites will have more specific rules in addition to these that are spelled out along with the flying site information, but this core set of rules applies to all ARCS sites.

To ensure the continued safe use of these fields, all pilots and spectators must observe the following rules and field etiquette. Violators are subject to club expulsion.
  1. Trainees being supervised by ARCS "intro pilot instructors" must obtain their ARCS and AMA memberships within 30 days of their first training session. Guests with AMA cards may fly at ARCS special events/competitions, or at the invitation of an ARCS member. All other pilots must be current members of both ARCS and AMA.
  2. All operations must be in accordance with the current AMA safety code. If these field rules conflict with the current safety code, the stricter requirement will apply.
  3. Take offs, landings and touch and go's will be made within the confines of the runway and parallel to the flight line. Taxiways are not considered part of the runway.
  4. Unattended spectators, children, and pets are not allowed in the pit area, flight line, runway, or runway extensions. All pets must be leashed at all times. Pet waste must be picked up and disposed of.
  5. Take off and land with the flow of traffic.
  6. Landing aircraft have the right of way over all other aircraft movements.
  7. Recover aircraft stalled on the runway immediately. Check for traffic before advancing on the runway and announce, "taking the runway" to others still flying. Announce "clear" when you are behind the flight line.
  8. Radio range, battery power, and control checks are always in order.
  9. Do not litter. Pick up crash debris, paper towels, etc. Carry your trash home with you. Pack it in - pack it out, year round.
  10. No smoking in the pit area or flight line.
  11. Know the location of the nearest first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and hospital.
  12. Do not overfly the pit area, parking area or any spectators.
  13. No off-road all-terrain sport or utility vehicles or snow machines allowed on any ARCS leased property.