Alaska Radio Control Society

Groeschel Field

Field Data

  • Hours of Operation: 9AM - 9PM (unless aircraft is electric/silent)
  • Grass Runway: 1,000' long x 75' wide
  • Facilities: Starting benches, windsock, porta-potty
  • Latitude: +61° 24' 18"
  • Longitude: -150° 04' 00"
  • Elevation: 165 ft. MSL
  • Google Map

Field Rules (in addition to ARCS general field rules)
  • Engine test and flying hours from 9 AM to 9 PM, seven days per week.
  • Do not fly near or over houses or operating equiment. This rule will be strictly enforced.
  • Drive only on access road or parking lot taking care not to worsen or create any new ruts.
  • ARCS has right to close access road and parking area during breakup.
  • Overnight camping in the parking lot is permitted for ARCS members.

Driving Directions

  1. (From Anchorage) Take the highway to Wasilla. At the second light you come to (Palmer Wasilla Highway), take a left.
  2. At Knik Goose Bay Road take a left.
  3. Follow Knik Goose Bay Road all the way (about 16.5 miles) until you come to Point MacKenzie Road (shortly after you cross Fish Creek Bridge) and take a right.
  4. Take Point MacKenzie Road all the way until you come to the end (about 7.5 miles). The road T's at the end with a stop sign. Turn right and follow that road which will immediately make a left turn (this is Ayshire Road).
  5. Follow that road (about 2 miles to the end of the paved section) until you come to Guernsey Road with Point MacKenzie Correctional Farm on the left. Turn left on Guernsey Road.
  6. After you pass the correctional farm's property (which will be on your right), keep looking to your left for openings in the trees where you can see a huge open field beyond. The field you see in those openings is our rc field. The entrance that we use is to the left of the intersection of Jersey Ave (which comes right after you see a sign on your right that says Brost Hay Farm). Just follow that road straight into the field and it will take you to where we are parked and flying. [From your turn on to Guernsey Road to Jersey Ave is about 1.5 miles]