Alaska Radio Control Society

Storck Park

Park flyers, gliders and small, quiet electric R/C aircraft only!

Field Data

  • Hours of Operation: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday 8AM - 3:00PM
  • Overflight area consists of the two soccer fields.
  • Facilities: Picnic shelter, porta-potty, bleacher seating.
  • Latitude: +61° 05' 14.5"
  • Longitude: -149° 44' 57"
  • Elevation: 960 ft. MSL
  • Google Map

Field Rules (in addition to ARCS general field rules)
  • No more than 25 club members present on the field at a time.
  • Please pick up trash if you see it and help maintain the park. Trash receptacles are located by the picnic shelter.
  • If you see anything that warrants Park and Recreation's attention, please call 343-4202 and let them know.

Driving Directions

  1. Off of Rabbit Creek Road and Clarks Road near Bear Valley Elementary School