Alaska Radio Control Society


The November 2, 2021 club meeting will be at 7:30 p.m. at Bells Nursery. Bring your latest and greatest projects in to share with the club and you can be the next Pretty Plane winner!

There is a fun Scale contest on November 5th at the Teeland Gym, starting at 6:00 pm See the 2021 Events Schedule for all the information.

Anchorage House of Hobbies Pretty Plane This month the ARCS Pretty Plane Award goes to Bob Stephens, with his Sopwith Camel indoor flyer from Twisted Hobbies. Bob says te plane weighs 8 1/2 ounces ready to fly. Bob modified the landing gear to a solid axle for better taxiing ang takeoff performance. The plane flies very well on a 2S 870 mah 70C battery.

For his outstanding craftsmanship, Bob wins the much-coveted Anchorage House of Hobbies Pretty Plane award (a $50 gift card)!

Anchorage House of Hobbies' Pretty Plane contest is back! Come on in and participate! Please continue to support our local hobby store, Anchorage House of Hobbies!