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!!!!!Groeschel Field is Open for the season!!!!!

The June 4th meeting will be at Bell's Nursury
We will continue the hybrid online version while participation continues.
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Anchorage House of Hobbies Pretty Plane

Don Myers brought to the meeting these nice planes for show and tell. Here is his comments on these excellent models.

The biplane is a Stevens Aero model of the Avro 534 Baby, I covered it with white tissue lightly sprayed with white floral spray. The flying wires are 0.5 monofilament. I expect it to fly at about 2 ounces with a 200 mAH single cell battery. As a side note I anticipate changing the gearbox as I have discovered that it has apparently been damaged with handling.

The rubber powered plane is my rendition of the Guillow's Arrow from a kit. It is a 28 inch wingspan and is covered with tissue in 3 colors plus white. I modified the finished product from the plan and kit as follows: a. the open cockpit is covered with a canopy]; b. the wing is held on by a magnet rather than the traditional dowels and rubber band; c. the nose is modified to take a K&P adjustable thrust button; d. the propeller is driven by a Bohem free wheeler ( see Volare Products website ) and a reverse S prop hook. I am waiting for the grass to grow for flight tests on two loops of 1/8 rubber.

Anchorage House of Hobbies Pretty Plane

Anchorage House of Hobbies Pretty Plane

Bob Edison presented his new Swiss Turbine Jet for the club to see.

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